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Introducing the White Birth Pool  by The Birth Sling

At The Birth Sling we understand the importance of creating a birthing environment that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The elegant white finish of our birth pool adds a touch of sophistication to your birthing space, but doe not compromise on functionality. Create a visually serene atmosphere that enhances not only your overall experience but  your birth photos and video!


Key Features:

Eco-Friendly Construction: Crafted from Eco PVC with a thickness of 0.5MM.


Made for Multiple Uses:

The robust 0.5MM material guarantees a lifespan of approximately 40-50 uses, making it a reliable choice for Birth professionals when coupled with our Birth Pool Liners.



With a spacious design measuring 160cm x 135cm x 60cm, our birth pool offers ample room for movement and preferred birthing positions.


White Finish:

Youre no longer stuck with the blue birth pool that dominated the market for so many years. Elevate your birthing space with an elegant white birth pool that combines style with functionality.


Easy Setup Guide:

Open the package to reveal your beautifully designed White Birth Pool. We reccommend allowing the pool to aclimatise to room temparature for 24 hours before inflating the birth pool.


Inflate the birth pool to its full dimensions we reccomend using an electric pump (similar to what you would use to inflate an camping air matress).


To fill your birth pool you will require some additional tap fittings and a drinking water hose. Because each home is unique in size and tap fittings we reccommend getting these from your local hardware provider (like Bunnings or Home Depot).  





The White Birth Pool

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